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The 8P’s Of A Visionary (part 1)

The 8P’s Of A Visionary (part 1) – By Dr Nav Ropra.  There are certain characteristic traits which people who are really successful have.  For some it is inherent and they naturally do the right thing at the right time to get the right results.  For others, it is hard work and they may not […]

The ICP Of Dental Mastery

The ICP Of Dental Mastery – By Dr Nav Ropra.   You may be familiar with the term Intercuspal Position also known as I.C.P. of occlusion defined as: ‘The position of the mandible when the cusps and the sulci of the maxillary and mandibular teeth are in their greatest contact and the mandible is in its most […]

Creativity Without Appreciation

Creativity Without Appreciation – By Dr Nav Ropra. Creativity is a unique expression of who we are.  Our individuality, our presence and our love are expressed for that which we are creating. It can be cooking, painting, finances, relationships, dentistry or anything which brings out more of our right brain thinking.  When we are being […]

Love & Freedom

Love & Freedom – By Dr Nav Ropra. Valentines day is the opportunity to come closer with your beloved.  The time to celebrate and to share love and appreciation for yourself and each other.  People just want to be loved and appreciated for who they are.  This is what others want and this is what […]

Integrity Is The Key

Integrity Is The Key – By Dr Nav Ropra. Are you fed up of people changing their minds? Do you change when your circumstances change? Don’t like patients missing appointments?  There is a law in human behaviour which is one of fair exchange.  This is associated with exchange of services in return for money.  However, […]

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