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The 8P’s Of A Visionary (part 1)

The 8P’s Of A Visionary (part 1)

– By Dr Nav Ropra. 

There are certain characteristic traits which people who are really successful have.  For some it is inherent and they naturally do the right thing at the right time to get the right results.  For others, it is hard work and they may not accomplish as much in the same field.   You can get the edge however, by following basic principles of human behaviour.  Having a long term vision for your business or your life pays dividends rather than having a short term goal.


Here are some basic principles on human behaviour which will help and assist you in getting the most out of your business, your practice, your relationships or your life:

1.  Presence

Remembering the art of being present is something which will create potential in you because life happens in the present moment.  The word ‘present’ literally means ‘gift’.  Being in the present moment is a gift from the universe.  Not being distracted by future fears or past remembered guilts is an art and comes with experience or time.  You are the most highest in your state of consciousness when you are being present.  Observe yourself when you talk to someone or listen to their conversation and find out how present you are with people.   In healthcare I have discovered that the greatest level of healing happens when the clinician is really present with their patient.  There is a transference of healing energy from healer to healed. Understanding that presence is essential in healthcare will be a marked stepping stone for any clinician.

2.  Poised

Your mind influences your body and vice versa.  How you feel with aches and pains can be overridden by changing your state and your perceptions.  It is commonly known that psychosomatic illnesses, that is illnesses of the body/mind connection have been cured with mind over matter.  Your body is giving you feedback about your perceptions and it is wise to listen to it.  If you have tensions in your mind, compressions or elations, then these will precipitate into your body as the body is an extension of the mind.  If you observe your posture, you will notice that when you are tense, your body is acting tense.  When your mind is clear and consciousness is sharp, only then can your body relax and be poised.

3.  Powerful

It is said that your true wealth in this world is that which you have when everything you own is taken away from you.  You may have all of your worldly possessions taken away from you, but no one can take away your love and your wisdom.  Look at the example of Mr. Nelson Mandela who after 27 years in prison came out with nothing apart from his love and wisdom and went on to lead a nation.  He is now part of the the legacy of South Africa. This is real power.  We all have this ability in us and tapping into it and sharing your own form of power with the world is essential for you to grow and maximise your potential.  Never letting anything on the outside of you cause you to contract your potentiality or your energy is power.  Love and appreciate yourself and love and appreciate others around you whilst at the same time going for what you want in this world.  This is Mastery of one’s life.

4.  Prioritised

There are things which we like to do and there are certain things which we dislike to do. Those things which are meaningful to us we are inspired to do and generally create money and save time.  These are the ABC’s of life.  However, those things which require us to be motivated end up destroying wealth and costing us time. These are the XYZ’s of life.  Prioritising your life on a daily basis so that you are more inspired and more enthusiastic will mean that you are less gravitational and more radiational.  This is where your wealth grows as clients and patients invest not only your skill set and clinical expertise, but your ability to radiate and inspire them.  You can only be inspired and light when you have cleared out the clutter in your life and are doing those things which are inspirational and meaningful to you. This relates back to being prioritised.

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