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Mind – The Gap

Mind – The Gap – By Dr Nav Ropra. Have you ever worried about something so much that it completely overwhelmed you?  You may think about it in the day (day dreaming), or worry about it at night (nightmares).The mind is a vehicle which shows us what we haven’t loved in this world and anything […]

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Wonder – By Dr Nav Ropra. Life gives us another opportunity each and every moment to wonder, to choose, to decide what it is that we would love to create in this world, where we would like to focus our energy. When we wonder, something resonates deep within us and makes us feel connected to […]

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Is Your Practice Stopping You From Being Creative?

Is Your Practice Stopping You From Being Creative? – By Dr Nav Ropra.  Can you remember what it was like to be childlike again, to be care free and enthusiastic with a boundless energy and vitality for life?  Is this how you life is at the moment or has something got in the way? We […]

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