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Dr Ropra is available for talks on the following topics.  If you would like Dr Ropra to speak at your event, please contact us for a media pack. 


Relationships & Dentistry

What’s most important to you, your partner, your staff, and your patients?

This talk explains the following:

  • The driving forces behind relationships
  • How your ‘voids’ drive your ‘values’
  • Value systems – how each one of us are unique individuals
  • Finding out what are your highest values are
  • How knowing what you value and others value affects communication
  • Managing the relationship you have with yourself and your practice
  • Why relationships either work or don’t work in dentistry


Leadership & Dentistry

Do you consider yourself a great dentist but a poor leader?

This talk explains the following:

  • Key issues which stop us from growing in leadership in practice
  • The components of a great leader
  • How to ask for support from your staff without being frightened
  • How to align your practice so that your team is congruent
  • Solutions to everyday problems from ‘difficult patients’ to ‘managing volatility’
  • Having certainty in practice
  • How to leave the practice grateful at the end of the day


Dental Mastery

No matter what happens, are you the Master of your life?

This talk explains the following:

  • How to balance ‘being’ a dentist, ‘doing’ dentistry and ‘having’ fulfillment
  • Dealing with the frustrations of not knowing your true worth
  • How ‘narcissism’ and ‘altruism’ affect fair exchange in dental practice
  • Giving and receiving are needed to have a grateful practice
  • How to deal with fear and guilt in practice
  • How to improve your skill set
  • Understanding feedback that staff, patients and the practice gives


How to find your purpose

What were the reasons for you wanting to be a dentist?

This talk explains the following:

  • Why it’s important to know your purpose in life and to have a mission
  • How sustainability is achieved when you have a big enough reason
  • Dealing with the supports and challenges of dentistry
  • Useful tips for newly qualified dentists / those wanting to change
  • Understanding the fundamental issue of being a dentist – THE WHY!


Hiring and Firing of Staff

Are you having frustrations with your staff members?

This talk explains the following:

  • Why your practice needs its functions mapped out
  • Ensuring that you have clear defined job descriptions
  • How to hire the right member of staff at interview level
  • How to deal with uninspired members of staff
  • Preventing hidden agendas in communication and dealing with staff
  • Keeping the staff you have – ‘firing them up instead of firing them out’
  • The ‘What’s in it for me?’ factor is discussed


The support & challenges in Dentistry

Are you having difficulty in staying focused in practice?

This talk explains the following:

  • How humans react when supported or challenged
  • Principles of dealing with volatility in the dental practice
  • Managing your perceptions when things are not going your way
  • The healing potential; creating and manifesting things
  • Touches topics from psychology, physiology, quantum physics to astronomy
  • The mind-body connection and how our perceptions affect our health.


The business of Dentistry

Are you struggling to deal with your practice responsibilities?

This talk explains the following:

  • Increasing income – How it increases responsibilities and accountabilities
  • Principles of wealth creation that have stood the test of time
  • Growing to the next level in your practice
  • Managing your emotions around money
  • How money and self worth are related
  • Stratergies for ensuring you leave a legacy

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