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The Law Of Trust

The Law Of Trust

– By Dr Nav Ropra.

Trust is a very fragile thing.  It is as fragile as glass.  Once it is broken, it can be difficult to put the pieces back together.


To trust the other person one needs to learn how to let go of things. When you trust you are vulnerable.  The other person may hurt you, the other person may change their mind.  The other person can do a thousand and one things and you may not have control over them.  When you trust someone, then the ego disappears and you surrender to the trusting.  It is a process.

When your trust is broken, you feel hurt and betrayed, let down by the other.  You can stop trusting when as a way to protect yourself from being hurt again.  You may vow never to let the same thing happen to you.

Look again at your reasons because when you don’t trust, it demonstrates something about you, about your character.

Worse than having your trust broken is to lose the ability to trust.  When you stop trusting people, something in you has shut down, has closed off.  You don’t feel right and there is a continuous tension in your mind which distracts you.

Modern mankind has a lot of anxiety even with all the technological advances we have available.  One of the roots of this anxiety is doubt.  It is the mind which has the ability to doubt.  When you doubt, you cannot trust.  The greater the thinker, the greater is the ability to doubt.  Thoughts are created in doubt, but trust is created in the heart.  Both cannot exist in the same climate.

People can sometimes doubt their family members, their lovers, their work colleagues.  When trust is lost in a practice, then things move very slowly and patient care can be affected.  It will be hard for patients to trust a practice which cannot trust itself.  Don’t let your working environment be one of mis-trust as this will destroy your practice.

Society is changing in such a way that people go into relationships or business agreements to see what they can get from the other.  How they can exploit the other.  People will come into your life and may try and destroy your trust.  Don’t let them!  Be diligent in all your dealings and also be trusting of people.  Trust is not a relationship, but a quality.  Never let anyone destroy that quality in you.

On the contrary, don’t trust out of fear.  If you trust because you are afraid, this is also a kind of pseudo-trust and better that you drop this immediately.

Few wise people can enter agreements and bring with them a contribution of trust.  This is only possible because they trust.  They first and foremost trust themselves, knowing that whatever happens, they will be ok.  Life will take care of them.  Their connection is with life itself and less with society.  They are able to trust the other because they can trust themselves. Yes, society is the medium in which we operate, exchange money, communicate with others, have relationships, but one can still live in society and not be attached to it.  This is because trust has developed.  No need to go to the mountains to get away from everyone to find trust.  Let your attachment be with trust and not with society.

When you have an abundance of trust you can share with the other.  The other then can relate to you and see you as a trusting person.  It is inherent within you and based on love. It is present at this very moment.  Let love be the compass and the direction be trust.  You have the choice to be trusting and you can relax into it right now.  When you trust others, they will trust you.  This is the law of Trust.

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