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About Dr Ropra

Dr Ropra is an international public speaker dedicated to inspiring individuals, dentists, dental practices and organisation

As a practising dentist, Dr Ropra researches human behaviour and potential as it relates to the dental profession.  He provides practical solutions to commonly asked questions by dental practitioners in a caring and intelligent manner.

He has facilitated hundreds of individuals to dissolve emotional blocks which prevent them from fulfilling their purpose in life. In Dr Ropra’s one to one consultations, he shows individuals that they and others are loveable just the way they are.

Life needs both support and challenge for growth to occur and the maximum growth happens at the border of the two.  In Dr Ropra’s workshops, the team gets to understand that the dynamic between each other and with patients is exactly what they need to grow. The dental practice acts as a feedback mechanism showing the team what it is they need to learn.

‘It is the perceived future fears and past remembered guilt which prevent us from realising our true magnificence in practice.’

Mission Statement

Dr Ropra is dedicated to researching human behaviour and potential especially in the Dental profession.

He globally shares his experiences with individuals so that they are inspired to become Masters of their own lives.



Dr N Ropra (BDS MFGDP)

GDC Reg No.72360


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