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The 8 P’s Of a Visionary (part 2)

The 8 P’s Of A Visionary (part 2)

– By Dr Nav Ropra. 


There are certain patterns in human behaviour that successful people follow.  Understanding them will help you have the edge in practice or your personal life.

5.  Productive

Your income will become fixed or even decline if you cannot see how doing what you are doing on a daily basis will help or serve you in life.

If you are in a job that you dislike, see clients who you despise and have a boss who you cannot stand, don’t be surprised if you are not very productive. However, if you want your income to grow, you will need to be productive.  Your productivity is directly proportionate to your vision.  If you can see how everything that you are doing on a daily basis is linked to your vision, then there will be nothing weighing you down.  You will be inspired and productivity will be the side effect.

 6.  Purposeful

 When you have a purpose for your life then you have direction.  You have something to look forwards to.  Mankind likes to live in hope and purpose is a form of hope but a more magnified version.  Purpose gives you the strength and stamina to keep going through the hard times and challenges that you or your business may face.  Understanding your purpose and then living it is essential in Mastery as you then get focused and targeted on things which you want in life.  All the other non-essential stuff just melts away when you become purposeful.

 7.  Profitable

In certain professions like dentistry, time is money and if you are not producing enough income to cover your expenses, you will go bust.  To become profitable you will need to provide a service that others see value in (other value) and then charge a fee (self value) which is proportionate to your profitable business needs.  When you have both other value and self value and these two factors are in balance and, then you have fair value.  Running a business of fair value means that it is balanced and a balanced business is one which grows optimally.  When your business grows, your profit has the opportunity to grow also.  However, it is wise not to use increasing profits an excuse to spend more on a lavish lifestyle. Therefore, methodically plan your finances and save an ever increasing proportion of your income so that when the low days of your business come, then you have the financial cushion to cover them.

 8.  Patience

When something happens to you, whether it supports you or challenges you, your wisdom in life will be dictated by your ability to integrate it and rise above that experience.  If you are not able to do this, then you will be run by that experience until you have integrated it in your mind and learnt to love it.  How many of us have either broken up in a relationship, lost money or had something happen to us which has distracted us from our life’s goals?  Having patience is a key to learning to live a life of fulfilment and this is where wisdom and Mastery of self begin.

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