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Creativity Without Appreciation

Creativity Without Appreciation

– By Dr Nav Ropra.


Creativity is a unique expression of who we are.  Our individuality, our presence and our love are expressed for that which we are creating.

It can be cooking, painting, finances, relationships, dentistry or anything which brings out more of our right brain thinking.  When we are being creative, it releases immense energy into the world.  An energy which is unique to us as individuals.  It is essential that this energy is not blocked or prevented and that it flows from our hearts.  Let creativity bring all of your expression into bloom and create as fully as you can so that you feel fulfilled and at the same time empty inside.  Like a cloud becomes empty after it has rained on the earth, pour your love out for that which you create.

Sometimes your creativity will not be appreciated by others.  Your friends, family or patients may see what you have created but not appreciated it.  Its not that they are un-appreciating of you, they simply don’t recognise the quality that you have brought to fruition.  Never mind about this!  Keep on creating.  Don’t create so that you can be appreciated, but keep on creating just as an expression of who you are.  If you are  creating something and are looking for the end goal as appreciation and what others will say when you complete it, then this will take away something from your creativity.  If you are imagining, dreaming how you will be appreciated, you will create something which is not spontaneous, and you will not allow your genius to expand.

Although it is essential when doing treatments for patients that cosmetic principles and clinical procedures are followed, and patients are satisfied with the quality of care delivered, remember, the more talented you are in life, the less appreciation you may get.  Look at Vincent Van Gogh’s example.  He was a brilliant painter, way ahead of his time and an absolute creative genius.  No one appreciated his work when he was creating it.  He could not even afford to pay for his materials and had to have financial help from his family during the creation of his work.  Now, nearly 125 years later, his paintings are sold for many millions of dollars and are appreciated and hung up in the major museums of the world.  He is renowned and appreciated as one of the world’s leading painters and creative geniuses.

Only a few receptive people will appreciate real genius at the time of creation and can put their minds aside and ‘look’ with their hearts.  This is where creativity is appreciated by the other.

So be creative regardless of appreciation, regardless of the motive and your creativity will be one of deep thankfulness for the opportunity.  Not as a means to an end, but as an end onto itself.  Paint for the sake of painting, practice for the sake of practicing, love for the sake of loving and something will expand within you.  That is creativity without appreciation.

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