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Fair Exchange In Dentistry

Fair Exchange In Dentistry -By Dr Nav Ropra. Success is very subjective.  One persons idea of success may not necessarily be the same as another persons, because it all depends on your values and what is important to you. For example, one practitioner may see success as simply providing the best quality of care and […]

The 8 P’s Of a Visionary (part 2)

The 8 P’s Of A Visionary (part 2) – By Dr Nav Ropra.  There are certain patterns in human behaviour that successful people follow.  Understanding them will help you have the edge in practice or your personal life. 5.  Productive Your income will become fixed or even decline if you cannot see how doing what […]

The Law Of Trust

The Law Of Trust – By Dr Nav Ropra. Trust is a very fragile thing.  It is as fragile as glass.  Once it is broken, it can be difficult to put the pieces back together. To trust the other person one needs to learn how to let go of things. When you trust you are […]

The Art Of Feedback

The Art Of Feedback – By Dr Nav Ropra.  We have all had the feeling at some point in our lives to give feedback.  To tell the other person how to do things better, or act in line with our expectations.  You may have had poor service at a restaurant, been delayed for your flight […]


Encounter – By Dr Nav Ropra. If you have ever faced or experienced something unexpectedly that is a challenge, hostile or difficult, then that is called Encounter. You can have an Encounter in your personal life with your partner, children or family members.  You can have an Encounter with patients, staff or your boss at […]

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