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Creativity Without Appreciation

Creativity Without Appreciation – By Dr Nav Ropra. Creativity is a unique expression of who we are.  Our individuality, our presence and our love are expressed for that which we are creating. It can be cooking, painting, finances, relationships, dentistry or anything which brings out more of our right brain thinking.  When we are being […]

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Integrity Is The Key

Integrity Is The Key – By Dr Nav Ropra. Are you fed up of people changing their minds? Do you change when your circumstances change? Don’t like patients missing appointments?  There is a law in human behaviour which is one of fair exchange.  This is associated with exchange of services in return for money.  However, […]

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An Attitude Of Gratitude In 2015

An Attitude Of Gratitude In 2015 – By Dr Nav Ropra.  A new year can mean a new set of priorities.  A new year symbolises another beginning and a fresh start at things.  Gusto and determination to start to plan life from a new perspective. Growing is an essential component in life and doing things […]

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Understanding The Practice Dynamic

Understanding The Practice Dynamic – By Dr Nav Ropra. There is a dynamic that happens in any practice, which if you understand, will help you grow your practice potential efficiently and effectively.  You can then optimally share your skills and gifts with the world without distractions and be of great service. Patients will see and […]

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Why Nurses Cry

Why Nurses Cry – By Dr Nav Ropra. One of the biggest issues that face any business is to have competent and confident staff that are congruent with the needs and values of that business. A dental practice is no different and anything that distracts it from the chief aim of that business will devalue […]

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