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Why Fair Exchange Is Essential For Wealth

Why Fair Exchange Is Essential For Wealth

– By Dr Nav Ropra.



When you are grateful for something and you appreciate it, it grows.  This applies to relationships as much as it does with money.  With relationships, the more care you give to others, generally the more you get in return.  Money however, is different in that the more you give to others, the less you will have.  This is where the laws of relationships and those of economics differ.

When you have money, and it is appreciated you learn about it, value it and save it.  Money gives you more options in life and gives you the solidity and solitude in your consciousness that you have value.  As your savings grow, so does your ’self worth’.  When your income increases, then your ‘other worth’ grows.   Both ‘self worth’ and ‘other worth’ need to be in balance.  Paying for goods and services and charging patients for your goods and services have to be done in fair exchange otherwise it will create a mismatch in your mind.  Your compensation need not be only financial.  It can also be payment in terms of time, respect, appreciation or anything that you see as a fair return for services rendered.

If you charge too little and do more for patients, this will reduce your ‘self worth’, the quality of the care you give to others, and the worth you place on the people who you serve.

Conversely, if you overcharge patients and do less for them, you falsely increase your worth and patients will not purchase what you offer them and your ‘other worth’ is reduced.

There is a healthy balance called ‘fair exchange’ where you don’t give something for nothing and don’t expect something for nothing.  Here is where you are optimally growing your financial wealth for the long term.  When you are in fair exchange there is a feeling that you have done something and have received a reward for that service equally.  You are grateful for that exchange and there is balance.   Gratitude is essential for wealth creation as you are in balance with the laws of fair exchange and economics

Have you ever been late for payment to someone and felt guilty about it and it has distracted you and the distraction has cost you time and effort to resolve?  The distraction is feedback from the universe as pain to stimulate you to deal with the issue.  It ensures that fair exchange and conservation principles of time, matter and energy are maintained.  The greater the debt you owe, then the greater will it distract you from being present and in fair exchange. It will keep you concerned with the guilt of non-payment and fears of what may happen.

Instead, it is wise to thank those who give you credit and deal with payments on time and in the present.  Consider sending creditors a thank you note when you pay them in honour of the time they have given you to make the payment and your utilisation of their goods.

When you are in fair exchange in this way and pay for things on time, then you will not have any problem in receiving money on time, and asking patients for money when your services are rendered.  Maintaining fair exchange with people balances time and space and conserves principles around wealth.  It is essential if you want to grow your business and profits.

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