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Don’t Waste Time On New Year Resolutions!

Don’t Waste Time On New Year Resolutions!

– By Dr Nav Ropra. 

On the 1st of January, people set goals and have great ideas on what they will do for the year. They may be in the area of health, relationships, money or practice growth.

Don't Waste Time On New Years Resolutions!


However, by about 6 weeks into the year, these ideas simply fade away until the anniversary of the next new year arrives.  This happens because people don’t know what they truly want or they don’t have the momentum to carry things out.  They fail at things and become buried in shame or guilt and seldom try again.  Because of a fear of failure, or an unresolved guilt, they become one of those statistics!

To give yourself the greatest chance of following through with a goal in the new year, don’t waste time doing new year resolutions.  START NOW!  Every moment that we experience in life is new, never to be experienced again so why wait for a new year?  You have the opportunity RIGHT NOW to start on that new journey, so why do you want to wait until the first of the year?

If you do something for about 12 weeks; go to the gym, give up an addiction etc, then the chances are that you will gain enough momentum to carry on with that action as a newly found belief and habit is formed.

As it is now about 6 weeks before the new year, if you START RIGHT NOW, and make a decision to do something which you are waiting to commit to in the new year, then you will only need to do it for a further 6 weeks in the new year for it to become a 12 week routine!  In addition, you will resist the temptation to over indulge during the festive period so you will not need to try so hard to backtrack in the new year!  Does that make sense?

If your goals are in the area of finances, then planing goals which are in line with your true and authentic self gives you the greatest chance of doing them.  The next thing is to create the driving force behind you so that you keep going regardless of whats going on the outside of you.

You become inner directed and inspired rather than outer directed needing motivation. This is where your true wealth creating ability comes from because you only value wealth creation when you value yourself. You will spend less on consumerism and save more as your emotional volatility around finances, people and things decreases.

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